Student Policy

BPSC Student Policies

This document contains the following policies: 1. Student Attendance Policy 2. Personal Conduct Policy 3. Student Progression Policy 4. Student Dress Code

  1. Student Attendance Policy:

All BPSC students should attend school and go to classes every day. Students will be considered absent if they do not attend a class, are late by more than five minutes or leave early. If a student does not attend 80% of total classes, Principal may decide to call the student’s parents or even suspend the student from school. If a student does not attend classes regularly throughout the year, s/he may not be allowed to sit for the final exam. However in case of serious illness of the student, upon submission of medical certificate, absence may be excused. In these cases, BPSC will make every reasonable effort to help the student make up for work missed.

  1. Personal Conduct Policy:

Respect for others is a requirement of BPSC students and staffs. Students who do not speak to each other with respect or who indulge in bullying, theft, violence or destruction of property will be sent to the Principal who may decide to inform their parents, suspend or even expel them from BPSC.

  1. Student Progression Policy:

Students who consistently fail to attend classes, fail one or more exam, who are caught more than once cheating or plagiarizing others’ work or who are consistently bad-mannered, violent or bullying may well be refused progression to the next level. BPSC will counsel the student and her/his parents prior to refusing progression but the school will not return the student’s admission fee in such circumstances.

  1. Student Dress Code:

Students should attend school neatly dressed in school’s official uniform. They should also wear white socks & black shoes.

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