Quality education doesn’t mean just teaching in a foreign language by ignoring one’s own culture & moral learning. Alternatively, traditional outdated educational system is of no use. Understanding this, BPSC, since its inception in 2014 endeavor to provide international standard education to our students in a pleasant and learning atmosphere, at the same time make them aware of their own culture & morality. 

We are fortunate enough in having the elite panel of faculty members which includes the experienced teachers from both English & Bangla medium background. All senior teachers have the vast experience of teaching in top rated school & colleges of Bangladesh. Most of our senior faculties are the ex-teachers of Ispahani Public School & College. Most of the junior teachers are ex-students of Ispahani Public School & College. They have outstanding results in their academic career with all having some good experience in teaching.

We have supportive governing body, dedicated staffs and proud & enthusiastic parents who all work together to enable each child to achieve their potential – as every child is unique and every child is special.

BPSC understand that each student learns differently and that these differences must be identified and reinforced. The ‘School Counselling Team’ consist of both senior & junior faculties of the school have proven expertise in addressing these differences.  The Principal is always open for the students & parents for one to one discussion on any academic or psychological concern of the students. Members of the school’s outstanding ‘Counselling Team’ routinely conduct research and try to identify the issues of each students and help them to overcome their issues.

BPSC has an enduring commitment for the students to encourage creative thinking and performing arts. We believe that art, music, debate and drama are not only mere extra-curricular activities but also a right of all students and intensely related to learning. The school’s innovative ‘Creative Arts’ team has produced critically acclaimed drama and cultural programs. More importantly, this immensely talented team has led several initiatives to integrate the creative arts into different parts of the curriculum to make it more enjoyable and desirable to the students. This resulted in the creation of enthralling learning experiences that have proved vital for students.

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